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Who we are

And Why We Love What We Do

At BLZ Idiomas, people always come first. Then, quality education.  And finally, the financial part. Our students, their parents and the BLZ Team know that this order makes all the difference.

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Because we teach English for real.

At BLZ, we speak English and Portuguese, inside and outside the classroom. With each positive experience, our students discover themselves as speakers of the English language - and overcome the fear of making mistakes in front of their peers.


We believe that learning can be fun. Therefore, we seek an individualized look and put students into action, always in a group.


Over the past 10 years, we have built many success stories together. In 2022, we are looking to improve so that we always have reason to celebrate.

who makes it happen

Martha Nunes (Editada)_edited_edited.jpg

Martha Nunes

Diretora Administrativa

Charlles Nunes de Boné - Editada_edited.jpg

Charlles Nunes

Coordenador Pedagógico

Ana Binner.jpeg

Ana Binner


Liuja da Matta_edited.jpg

Liuja da Matta


Abraão BLZ Idiomas_edited.jpg

Abraão Nunes


Seja bem vindo ao BLZ, a cada passo mais perto da fluência.

Av. Francisco Magalhães de Castro, 224

(Próximo à Drogaria Retiro) Parque Mambucaba
23954-210 Angra dos Reis RJ

Venha Nos Visitar

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